(AA) A 34-year-old woman’s life came to a shocking and abrupt end after her boyfriend stabbed her 88 times, following an invitation to a romantic soiree in Krasnoyarsk city of Russia.

Irina Kozlova, a Russian skier and snowboarder had recently started dating Evgeny Markov and who she believed was a successful businessman, Daily Mail reported.

Markov, who was arrested while dining at a restaurant, readily confessed to the murder and said he killed her for ‘laughing at him.’

Originally, a car washer, Markov had masqueraded as a businessman and had been discovered by Kozlova eventually.

“She laughed at me,” Markov told the police.

Markov allegedly asked Kozlova to choose a ‘romantic place,’ following which she drove them to Ust-Mana village overlooking the Yenisei River, near the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

Markov asked Kozlova to shut her eyes and wait for a surprise, when he brutally stabbed her with a knife.

Kozolva’s mutilated body was found in her car.

“On the eve of the murder the man informed his new acquaintance that he wanted to surprise her and invited her to choose a romantic place. She drove him to the village where the man said he asked her to close her eyes, then with a pre-prepared knife inflicted multiple wounds which were fatal,” The Russian Investigative Committee said.


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