Public transport: the bane of many a commuter’s life.

(LB) In rush hour, trains and buses become hot, sweaty and cramped. The idea of your face being implanted into someone’s armpit, when the outside temperature pushes the high 20s, thrills no one.

But the same monotonous bumper-to-bumper journey takes place each day and we just get by.

But at least your commute doesn’t generally involve you having to deal with a fellow passenger’s head being ridden with lice.

One bus rider in Mexico has filmed a video showing a fellow commuter’s hair filled with squirming insects, assumed to be head lice.

The woman, with dark brown hair tied back in a bun, just casually sits watching the world go by from the window, as the bugs crawl around in her hair.

The unidentified passenger moves the camera closer to reveal the extent of the problem while on the bumpy ride.

What if one of them jumped off?

Of course, there are the standard ways to get rid of head lice, such as nit-picking and combing. But to avoid the embarrassment of having to get the equipment from supermarkets and pharmacists, what about other alternatives?

According to, there are common products around your house that may help.

Olive oil is one. As the slick covering blocks the breathing holes of lice. However, it will need to be applied overnight (like going to be with a shower cap on) as lice can survive for hours without air. You’ll still need to comb them out after, but it should help.

A hairdryer can be very effective to killing nits, although not so much with lice. Regular use of a hot hairdryer should help though.

Hair gel can work similarly to olive oil, but again needs the overnight treatment.

Apparently, according to some experts, full-fat mayonnaise also works a treat, but once more needs to be done for several hours at a time. Your barnet may not smell nice as a result, but at least it’ll be itch-free.

At the end of the day, regular washing of hair is the best way to avoid having nits and lice. Think we’d all prefer not to be in the same situation as that passenger filmed on a bus route.

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