The werewolf – the forgotten member of the monster squad.

Zombies get all the headlines and, recently, vampires have gotten all the ladies, but when it comes to true creatures of terror, we’ve left the lycanthrope behind.

Call it a wolf man or a man wolf (or if you’re MTV, teen wolf), but not since the early ’80s has the shape-shifting savage held dominion over the pop culture conversation.

After John Landis gave us An American Werewolf in London and Joe Dante providing a cult of critters in The Howling, we’ve had one failed attempt to reboot the manimal after another.

Now, it seems like the supernatural beast is everywhere…or put another way, the werewolf has been stalking the globe forever.

We are now just catching glimpses of it thanks to modern technology and social media’s desire to share such speculation.

Over the next couple of pages you will see videos which claim to offer proof of the nightmare fodder. We offer them up for your approval and then ask – are they real? Do werewolves exist? You be the judge.

Someone Found This Floating In A River

Is This A Werewolf Stalking A Garden In Brazil?

Of course, some also claim that these are examples of El Chupacabra, a blood drinking, goat killing monster made famous in Latin America (where many of these clips are from).

How About This Video?

What Does This German Documentary Footage From 1942 Prove?

Now some of these clips do have the stink of a homemade horror movie to them. After all, who says a werewolf walks and acts like the ones we’ve been seeing in the movies since the 1940s. On the other hand, some of these are – unusual, to say the least.

And About Four Minutes In – What Does This Guy See?

Is This More Convincing?

Until we get a clear view of what’s going on here, the werewolf will be like Bigfoot, or ol’ Nessie from Loch Ness – something people believe in, but without crystal clear 100% evidence of their existence. Hope you have pleasant dreams tonight.

This One’s On The Move

And Check Out The Hands And Feet On This ‘Dog’

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