When it comes to raising kids, there’s no handbook on how to do it.

Sure, there have been numerous studies on best practices, but at the end of the day, most parents are just learning as they go.

While lots of parents eventually tend to get the hang of things, there are always a few situations that pop up that leave them scratching their heads for the best solution.

So when one father recently found himself looking for a way to discipline his son, he came up with an idea that has the Internet debating whether to not he went too far.

Evidently, the man’s son had been ‘rebellious’ and he decided it was time to put the little boy in his place, but his method was definitely a little unorthodox.

In response to the boy’s behavior, his father decided to tie him to a ladder. He then proceeded to lower the ladder into a murky pool of water until the boy was almost completely submerged.

Eventually, the boy became so scared that he was crying and screaming for his life – promising his father that he would change.

Although the boy wasn’t physically harmed, many people feel that the father went way too far.

Watch the video below:

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This article originally appeared on bammargera.