This is the moment a daredevil Russian stuntwoman tested out an anti-explosive suit by walking through a battlefield of bomb blasts to show it was safe.

Viktoria Kolesnikova was hit by flames and a series of explosions under her feet as she walked across a field for the unusual demonstration to illustrate the strength of Russian military suits.

Ms Kolesnikova, was clad in battle gear from head to toe, and kept walking until the all clear was given.

But while she was not harmed by the blasts, she was covered in soot from the explosions.

The redhead, who is a professional stuntwoman said that she was not scared of taking on the job, according to RT.

She said: “You know. Our girls are fighters and eager to face any danger.

“Standing inside a fire range is an amazing feeling. It’s beautiful and really just, wow.”

Sergey Kitov, the head developer for The Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building (TsNIITochMash) said the company’s advanced aramid fabric was treated to withstand fire and even bullets.

TsNIITochMash is a major designer and producer of weapons for the Russian military and was founded in 1944 in Soviet Russia.

The designer said the material and suit can even block blast fragments.

But Mr Kitov said they are still working to boost its flame beating properties to withstand 30 seconds of continued exposure, as opposed to just 15 seconds.

The firm aims to release the product by 2020. Source: Express