Fancy spending the next 60 seconds screaming?

(LB) Cool, check out this nightmarish scene then:

I can’t think of much worse than coming home and finding this, to be honest. I’m not sure which I’d do first: cry or burn the house down.

But if you’re now feeling a bit sorry for the household who filmed this grim scene, then don’t – the spider in question is actually a much-loved pet.

Yup, this is new-mum Mrs Flufferbum, the huntsman spider who belongs to animal-loving Amy Donovan, who lives in Australia. I mean, that is an adorable name, but no.

Still no, it’s going to take more than an adorable name to convince me this thing isn’t straight out of hell.

Amy, who calls herself a ‘wannabe entomologist’ on Instagram, filmed the eight-legged creature guarding her 200 babies as they left their nest to get a drink.

US-born Amy said she fell in love with Australia’s variety of ‘beautiful’ insects, many of which are deadly and all of which are terrifying.

She told the Daily Mail Australia: “I’ve always liked nature and everything. Coming to Australia you guys have some really amazing huge insects and I just think spiders are beautiful.”

Despite putting the shits up me, the huntsman is actually a pretty chilled arachnid and even if they do bite, their venom isn’t deadly to humans.

But they can grow to the size of a fucking dinner plate, so that’s enough to get a nope from me.

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