(NN) A video of a man feeding a giant fish by hand before being devoured has gone viral across social media.

In the video, the man can be seen attempting to feed a group of fish at the water’s edge before decides to take the bait. The man, dress in blue can be seen tempting the tarpon with food before one jumps out devouring his arm.

As he struggles to free himself from the clutch of the fish, witnesses panic as he wrestles the giant fish on the decking.


The DailyStar reports: THIS is the horrifying moment a man attempts to feed a group of large fish by hand before one decides he wants more than just the bait.

In the clip, the bloke, dressed in blue, can be seen tempting a group of fish – believed to be tarpon – with food. Waving the bait around above the water, it appears he is trying to get them to jump out.

But when one does, it takes him by surprise and the sea creature attempts to swallow his whole hand. The man pulls back in a bid to rescue his arm, but his catch refuses to let go. “Baby, get him,” a woman screams. “Oh my god, oh my god,” she continues. A struggle ensues between the two and they wrestle on the decking.

“Get him,” the woman urges. Two others rush to help the bloke and the video cuts before we know his fate.

The clip was originally posted on YouTube channel Waggle TV, but has since been shared on Reddit.

This footage comes just two weeks after a woman was attacked by shark while enjoying her honeymoon in the Caribbean.


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