A pharmacist from the UK has been jailed after trying to radicalise two school children by showing them an ISIS video of an American soldier being beheaded.

Zameer Ghumra was given a six year sentence for spreading ISIS propaganda that can be used for terrorism and trying to brainwash two young brothers into becoming Islamic State fighters.

The Guardian reported that the 38-year-old worked in Leicester as a pharmacist. He was also trying to set up a madrasa (Islamic High School), when he taught the two boys how to survive a bomb attack and fight with knives.

During the trial one of the boys said “[Ghumra] had ISIS training videos and people being beheaded, there was talking and then the American soldier was beheaded.”

He added: “It made me feel disgusting. He said, ‘If you truly love Allah, then you do it.’ I told him I get a horrid feeling when I see this.”

The jury also heard that the two children were told that when they arrived in Syria, they would have to behead people that were fighting ISIS.

Due to the boys being under adult age their age was not revealed.

After sentencing judge Gregory Dickinson QC said it was a “determined effort” to radicalise children and turn them into terrorists.

He said the targeting of young children made the case “particularly serious”.

“These were shocking crimes which damaged the children and caused offence to the vast majority of law abiding Muslims,” the judge continued.

He also noted there had been an “absence of remorse” from Ghumra.

Speaking after he was found guilty, Sue Hemming, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Zameer Ghumra tried to brainwash impressionable children with this violent ideology by making one watch beheading videos and urging them both to adopt a hardline religious outlook.

“The CPS case was that he intended to radicalise them in the hope that they would go on to be involved in terrorism. The children were brave to give evidence and we would like to thank them for helping to secure this conviction of a dangerous man.”