A photographer has captured the devastating damage being done to our oceans with photos showing seas in the Caribbean covered in plastic and styrofoam.

Photographer Caroline Power, who specialises in underwater photography, hopes pictures shot between the islands Roatan and Cayos Cochinos, off the east coast of Honduras, will encourage people to recycle and stop using plastic garbage bags.

Ms Power took to Facebook to share the images which show the sea covered in a blanket of plastic cutlery, bottles and rubbish.

“I challenge every person and every business to keep your trash for one week,” she posted.

Ms Power hopes the pics will encourage people to recycle. Source: Caroline Power Photography

“Separate your organic and recyclables and keep everything else for one week. You will be disgusted how many single use items you use.”

Ms Power also asked viewers how often they use single use items such as zip-lock bags, plastic soda bottles and plastic food wrap.

“This has to stop,” she posted.

The photographer has challenged people to think about how much plastic they use. Source: Caroline Power Photography

She told the Telegraph the key to fixing the problem is to stop garbage from initially reaching it because it’s difficult to remove.

Ms Power said the worst of the rubbish was found 24km off the coast of Roatan heading towards the Cayos Cochinos Marine Reserve.

“We then reached an area about two miles wide that had multiple trash lines that stretched from horizon to horizon,” she said.

“There was also a seemingly infinite number of plastic forks, spoons, drink bottles, and plates.

“There were broken soccer balls, toothbrushes, a TV, and so many shoes and flip flops.”

Blue Planet Society, an organisation devoted to protecting the ocean, believes the rubbish may have been washed into the sea from Motagua River, Guatemala. Source: Yahoo