Samsung makes one of the best Android phones on the market, and one of their top selling series are the ‘Galaxy S’ series phones. This year they came up with the curvy Galaxy S8 and on Samsung’s website they claim the phone has fool proof security features.

However, this isn’t the case.

According to a video demonstration, a blogger tried testing Samsung’s fool proof facial recognition security system. The system is one of the new security methods the company has employed for its customers. But, unfortunately, it is not as secure as they advertise it to be.

The video shows the blogger fooling the Galaxy S8’s facial recognition software by simply showing the camera the owner’s digital photograph. The blogger demonstrated this hack by holding the Galaxy S8 towards the phone that had the owner’s image.

There have been no updates from Samsung about this security concern. However, if you still plan to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S8 we recommend you disable the facial recognition feature. Just keep in mind, hacking Galaxy S8’s facial system is as easy as going to a social media account and presenting it in front of the phone – in turn, all your information is now in the hands of a hacker.

The best practice for the moment, would be to use the fingerprint reader or the standard pattern lock – or even the eye scanner.

According to Princeton Identity – an organisation specializing in biometrics, iris and facial recognition products, says the Samsung Galaxy S8’s eye scanning mechanism is a hundred times more powerful than the fingerprint reading system or facial recognition software.

Source: The Hacker News.

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