British inventor Richard Browning has set the first world speed record for “flying a body-controlled jet engine power suit” this week.

Richard Browning managed to reach a speed of 51.3kph (32.02mph) flying around Lagoona park in the English city of Reading.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Pravin Patel was on hand to make sure that Browning’s speed was measured accurately over at least 100 metres.

The current Iron Man suit, called “Daedalus” is made up of six kerosene-fuelled micro gas turbines, which each have 286 pounds of thrust.

Control is solely by body movement so Richard Browning had to practice core strength exercises before his record attempt so he was able to balance in the air.

He told Reuters: “It’s a very special moment every time we suit up, it’s about 45 kilos so you really know your’e about to go and do something.

“As the engine starts fuelling up it starts to build, you can sense the energy.

“And the moment the ground leaves your feet and you’re actually in the air, it’s a pleasure and a joy.”

Browning has admitted the jet suit isn’t for everyone at this time. He told the Mirror: “I don’t think anybody’s going to go down to Walmart or take the kids to school in any of this stuff for a while.

“We’re working on some things that will seek to bring this unusual experience of flight to a wider audience, beyond the events and displays we’re doing.”