(NN) Footage of a young man who burst into flames following being tasered by French police officers in Paris, France, has gone viral causing outrage in social media.

The video shows the man acting erratically as he resists arrest, the footage also reveals him provoking the officers in a threatening manner. The shocking footage was captured on one of the police officers’ body cameras which documents the attempted arrest at Place de la Nation in Paris.

The shirtless suspect sporting multiple injuries on his arms and chest can be heard screaming at the police officers; ‘I feel like taser-ing your mother. Why don’t you taser?’

The police officers reply: ‘No, I don’t want to’ as they launch the attack as the man burst into flames shocking nearby bystanders.

The Daily mail reports: The man, who is well over 6ft tall, collapses on the ground. The officer with the taser shouts: ‘Guys, don’t use gas! Who the f*** gassed him?!’

Anger: The man in the video, recorded on a police body camera, had been agitated and resisting arrest during the incident which took place in Paris in July 2013

Police violence: The suspect, seen shirtless with injuries on his arms and chest, can be heard shouting at police officers; ‘I feel like taser-ing your mother. Why don’t you taser?’

One of the officers throw himself on top of the burning man to put out the flames, and he was reportedly later arrested and did not suffer any serious injury. The video was filmed in July, 2013, but has not been seen until this week when unknown individuals posted it on Facebook and Twitter.

The force held an internal police investigation into the incident, but no action has reportedly been taken against any individual.

It is the latest in a series of films providing evidence of brutality being used by the forces of order around the city. Another video published earlier this month showed an officer repeatedly punching a 14-year-old youth in a Paris suburb, and then waving his gun at the boys’ friends.

Last year there were riots in the same area when an arrested youth had a police truncheon rammed up his anus by patrol members.

An officer was also cleared of all wrongdoing this week over the death of an environmental activist killed by a stun grenade during a protest in 2014. Paris police had no initial comment about the new taser-ing video.


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