VIA| If you enjoy chocolate milk, but aren’t sure how it’s made or where it comes from, you’re hardly alone.

In fact, in a recent survey of American milk drinkers, nearly half (47 percent) are unsure where chocolate milk comes from…and seven percent believe it comes from brown cows.

The survey, conducted in April by Undeniably Dairy, a group within the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy that represents family dairy farmers, found plenty of interesting tidbits.

This included the findings that 37 percent of milk drinkers secretly drink it right out of the carton, for example, but the chocolate milk insight was by far the most bizarre.

It’d certainly be super cool if brown cows made chocolate milk – but think about the biology of that. That would mean brown cows would be able to produce chocolate!

If that were the case, just think of how popular dairy farmers would be!