Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has been named in connection with an Australian religious group that is actually a front for an exclusive pedophile ring.

Bieber recently made headlines after he canceled his world tour so he could devote more time to his Australia-based Hillsong Church.

Speaking about his devotion to the church he joined 2 years ago, 23-year-old Bieber said: “I just enjoy seeing people worship.””I just wanna love people more.”

Now revelations have surfaced that his “hip” religious institution is actually just a facade that hides something much more sinister. Witnesses have now come forward to expose the truth behind the group with shocking revelations that the founders are pedophiles who set up the cult as a front for a secret pedophilia network.

Brian Houston, the son of the church’s founder, has spoken out to reveal the truth about his father, which had been kept hidden from the authorities for years.

Speaking about his father, William Francis “Frank” Houston, on Australian current affairs show Inside Story, Brain revealed: “He was a pedophile. My dad was a pedophile. I can say it now. I have sort of come to grips with it now.”

According to Houston, multiple children are known to have been raped but the actual number of victims is still unknown.

According to reports, in 2000, the news surfaced that the elder Houston, who died four years later, sexually abused a New Zealand boy. “I was meeting with one of my colleagues and he told me someone had rung into the Church office and made a complaint that, 30 years before, my father had abused a boy,” said Brian.

“At first I thought, ‘That’s immoral.’ Within a split second I thought, ‘That’s criminal.’ And I was just stunned, shattered.”

Brian, 62, then told his wife about the terrible thing he had learned— but he shockingly decided not to go to the authorities, even if he knew what his dad did was a crime against a child.

“At first I felt very sad and very disappointed, and obviously I felt terribly sad for the victim, because there’s no doubt about it, my father’s violated him and done irreparable damage to his life,” Brian tried to explain.”I felt it was my moral duty to face up to it with my own father. Hopefully, anyone who is slightly human can think about that.”

However, Australia’s Royal Commission found in 2015 that Brian had failed in his duty to let police know about his dad’s sexual abuse of children.

Brian claimed to the Commission that he didn’t report what he had learned because “rightly or wrongly I genuinely believed that I would be pre-empting the victim if I were to just call the police at that point.”

“We did tell people straight away. We did take [my dad’s] credentials away. He never did preach again and we did oversee and ensure that he was never put in a position to be close to kids to be able to do that again,” added Brian.”What we didn’t do is report it to the police.”

Brian alleged his dad’s victim also did not want the authorities involved. “Of course, it’s come out since then that there were others as well,” said Brian of the havoc his father wrought.” And I don’t think we know to this day the full extent of it — I don’t know the full extent of it — I think I would be aware of about six, but listen, I have no idea — it could be much bigger than that, I just don’t know.”

But does 23-year-old Bieber, who first became a Hillsong devotee two years ago, know about the stain on the Church’s record? Just days ago Bieber professed his love for the organization: “I just enjoy seeing people worship, praising God. It’s just real, authentic,” he said while with Church leaders in Sydney.

“I just wanna love people more [/].” “My faith grows every day,” he added.”My faith is stronger than it was two years ago. Better, kinder.” Via Neon Nettle

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