From what we’ve seen in the past, we have learned that almost all “terror” plots are put into place by the FBI in order to push their business model.

(FSOD) The exact business of the FBI is collecting taxes from Americans. What they need to accomplish this task is a stable threat. The issue for the FBI is that real terrorists are sporadic, so they are unable to depend on terrorist attacks. This makes the FBI look weak. It seems as though they have found a solution, and that is to create terrorism themselves.

Founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, tweeted this story a couple of weeks ago, and it seems that every single mainstream media news outlet ignored it entirely.

We used to all use Assange’s articles in order to obliterate the Left’s narratives, but now it seems that something strange is going on in our country. Certain small media outlets have made the decision to opt for fake headlines. They have claimed that they aren’t sure if the information is true, but the fact that Assange tweeted these things after the Las Vegas massacre may mean that he has access to information that we may not.

Assange tweeted the theory which struck up some serious conversation after the New York Times published an article in which they claimed that around 67% of prosecutions which involve suspected ISIS supporters include evidence from numerous undercover operations.

There have been tons of cases in which agents will look for people who have one way or another demonstrated radical views. They then coax these people into plotting an act of terror. From what we know, they are provided with weapons and money in order to carry out these crimes. Before the plans are carried out, however, the suspects are arrested.

However, critics claim that the FBI’s tactics only entrap those who would have never committed any violent crimes without government instigation.

A former undercover agent with the FBI who now researched national security law at New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice, Michael German, explained to the New York Times:

“They’re manufacturing terrorism cases. These people are five steps away from being a danger to the United States. They target people who are genuinely psychotic.”

Experts are becoming increasingly worried that undercover operations of this sort are infringing on the rights of American citizens.

An attorney and founding member of Project Salam (which gives Muslims legal rights), Stephen Downs, explained to Business Insider that “the government has developed a technique of engaging targets in conversations of a somewhat provocative nature, and then trying to pick up on things the target says, which might suggest illegal activity- and then trying to push them into pursuing those particular activities.”

Downs also stated that the FBI usually targets people who are already very vulnerable, such as people with mental disorders. He stated, “Very often, they (the FBI) target people who are genuinely psychotic, who are taking medication.”

The FBI can’t hide behind their lies for much longer. America is on to their tactics, and we will not stand for it.


  1. Is WikiLeaks News compromised? I’m sure thats the same tactic used by the left wing politicians. They tried many times to cause problems for Trump because they believe Trump can’t handle such situation( like the hurricane) because he is not capable. Thats how they wanted, to prove to the American people about their lies about Trump. Thats make sense.

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