Saudi Arabia gifted Donald Trump with 83 gifts including a painting of himself during his first foreign trip as president.

(DM) The billionaire was presented with tiger and cheetah fur robes and a dagger made of pure silver with a mother of pearl sheath.

Mr Trump was also given multiple swords, daggers, leather ammunition holders and holsters during the visit in May.

As well as the painting of himself Mr Trump was given a ‘large canvas artwork depicting a Saudi woman’.

Saudi Arabia gifted Donald Trump with 83 gifts during his trip to the country in May this year

The revelations were made by The Daily Beast after a Freedom of Information request sent to the State Department.

During the visit the US signed deals worth than $350bn with Saudi Arabia.

The agreements included an $110bn arms deal, which the White House described as the single biggest in US history.

This represented a decisive reversal of the Obama administration’s 2016 policy of blocking certain arms sales to the regime because of civilian deaths in Yemen.

The agreement represented a major reversal from Mr Trump’s campaign rhetoric.

During the visit he made in May the US signed deals worth than $350bn with Saudi Arabia

During his controversial campaign he accused the regime of everything from being responsible for 9/11 to failing to ‘reimburse us the way we should be reimbursed,’ and going so far as to threaten to stop buying their oil if they didn’t shape up.

He also wrote in a Facebook post in June 2016: ‘Saudi Arabia and many of the countries that gave vast amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation want women as slaves and to kill gays. Hillary must return all money from such countries!’

During a presidential debate Trump also said Saudis were ‘people that push gays off buildings’ and ‘kill women and treat women horribly’.

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