A museum in China has caused controversy and enraged Africans after a video went viral online showing a seemingly racist exhibition where people from Africa were displayed alongside wild animals.

Edward E. Duke from Nigeria originally uploaded the video on Instagram. It showed Chinese art lovers admiring the exhibits at the Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan ahead of the national Golden Week holiday.

In the video from the exhibit, it includes “art” of a roaring lion next to an African man with similar expressions, a black man side by side with a gorilla and elephants and giraffes next to African children.

Check out the video below from the art exhibition:

According to a local destination blog Shangaiist, the ‘This is Africa’ exhibition which started September 28 belongs to Chinese photographer Yu Huiping to “give visitors a sense of ‘primitive life’ in Africa through the interplay of humans, animals and nature.”

Yu Huiping, who is also the vice-president of Hubei Photographers Association, is said to be a lover of African culture and its wildlife. He even titled the show in question with the Chinese idiom: outward appearance follows inner reality.

Let us know in the comments section below if this is art or straight up racism


  1. This is kind of ironic and confusing, as Inter-sectionality and cultural relativism state that only white people can be racist as they white people are the only people with the multiple systems of colonialism, 1st world privilege and cultural original sin of whiteness to be racist.. This leaves me puzzled how by this new post modern inter-sectional correct definition, this Chinese art is capable of being racist. Besides that isn’t it so that non white art should never be looked at through privilege western eyes? It is abhorrent how we westerners keep on pushing our privileged world view upon other less privileged cultures. I see how it might be painful, but without an explanation of the artist and its asian cultural context, we are not allowed to dismiss this seemingly painful art as racist.

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