(MIB) A HUSBAND divorced his wife when he saw her without makeup for the first time days after they tied the knot.

The man, 34, accused his 28-year-old bride of deceiving him by wearing cosmetics and false eyelashes before their wedding.

The newlyweds’ honeymoon ended abruptly after they went for a swim in the sea at Al Mamzar Beach in Dubai.

The husband was said to have been shocked when the water washed off her makeup and claimed he did not recognise his wife.

Dr Abdul Aziz Asaf, a consultant psychologist, has been working with the unidentifed woman to help her get over the split.

He told Gulf News:”The groom immediately divorced his bride and refused any attempt to reunite them again.”

The couple had been engaged for six months before the wedding, the doctor said, but the husband did not think his wife looked as pretty when her makeup washed off.

The bride wore artificial eyelashes and had undergone cosmetic surgery before the marriage, which she had intended to reveal to her partner.