Targeted ads have become big business for Facebook and other social media sites in recent years.

The process that Facebook has adopted to find out what you are interested in, what you think about certain subjects and where you like to go is quite straightforward.

Quite simply, Facebook relies on you to give out you most intimate details, these are then used to identify what you might want to buy and where you might like to visit.

Marketers then pay for these ads that are designed specifically to show things that you might be interested in, almost satisfying your needs by magic!

The good news is that it is easy the disrupt this process that many, myself included find a little creepy.

Advertisers pay Facebook to show you ads for products or services that it believes you may be interested in. It does this by using the information it gathers from you every time you use the platform.

What Can Be Done?

One of the ways you can find out what information is being shared with advertisers is by reviewing your ad preferences.

Do this by going to:

SettingsPrivacy > scroll down to Adverts

Under Ad Preferences, go to Your Information.

It is here where you can see all the personal information Google knows about you.

Under Advert Settings you can opt out of Facebook’s Audience Network which will stop you being bombarded with ads when using the social network.


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