VIA| A man reportedly “blew his penis apart” when he accidentally sat on a handgun while getting into his car.

A bullet ripped through Cedric Jelks’ genitals when the weapon automatically discharged as soon as his bottom hit the seat.

Police in Jacksonville, Florida, say they are now investigating why a loaded gun and cocked gun was left in a such a precarious position.

Jelks was reportedly rushed to hospital, but it is not clear if doctors were able to save what remained of his manhood.

The 38-year-old was was able to tell officers what happened when he sustained the excruciating injury, News4Jax reported.

He said the gun was in driver’s seat of car when he sat on it and somehow the pressure of his bum squeezed off the trigger, with the discharged bullet destroying his penis.

He was taken to Memorial Hospital by Shanekia Roberts, who told police that the man was sitting in his Nissan Altima by himself and coming into her home on Freedom Crossing Trail in a panic and running straight to the bathroom.

The 25-year-old said she followed him and saw that he had a gunshot wound to his penis.

She immediately took him to hospital straight away where he was rushed into surgery.

Police were called to the hospital just before 3am because medics reported the injury were caused by a firearm.

Investigators found that the man was convicted of cocaine possession in 2004.

It’s possible he will be facing charges for possessing a firearm, because he has been convicted of a previous offence.