Over a foot of snow has fallen in the Sahara Desert, the hottest desert in the world, after a freak winter storm.

Nearly 16 inches of snow fell after a cold spell from the north Atlantic, drawn further south than normal due to high pressure in Europe, hit parts of Algeria and Morocco.

Very rarely does the Saharan desert experience snow, where temperatures in the summer frequently hit 100F to 104F (38C to 40C).

It is only the third time in almost 40 years that the Sahara desert has seen snow, with it also receiving a blanketing in 2016 and 2017.

The unlikely Saharan snowstorm continues the trend of extreme weather events currently being witnessed globally. We’ve had record-breaking temperatures in Sydney that caused roads and bridges to melt to record freezing temperatures in the US, where the Niagara Falls froze over.

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