Revolting footage shows alleged disgusting practices at a KFC branch including selling day-old chicken covered in “mildew and mould.”

The viral clip shows a disgruntled employee asking another colleague about the stomach-churning conditions in a kitchen at a US eaterie at the end of a shift.

Viewed more than five million pounds, the worker alleges that this particular restaurant re-uses burnt mac-and-cheese and re-freezes green beans in old water.

His colleague is heard asking: “’So you mean to tell me, the same stuff you have in those cans all day, you put in the freezer and sell it to people tomorrow?.

He replies: “I don’t know why we do it. It’s cross-contaminated.”

The shocking clip begins with the young woman saying “So what do you want to the world to know about KFC?”

The male colleague also shows dry-looking day-old chicken which was cooked at lunch time being stored away to be served to customers the next day.

The shocking clip showed what the workers claimed was burnt mac-and-cheese being packaged up for next day’s service
The KFC worker who lifted the lid on the branch’s disgusting practices
The female colleague filmed the shocking clip allegedly showing ‘cross-contaminated’ food

The workers claim the meat will be “covered in mildew and mould.”

The young man is also seen putting green beans into cloudy water while claiming the vegetables have “been here for three to four days.”

It is not clear when or where in the US the footage was filmed but the clip was posted onto YouTube in recent weeks. Via

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