At least one person has died and several others have been injured after a car hit a crowd of anti-fascist protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, as far-right groups gathered for a rally in the town.

Violence broke out earlier between those opposed to the removal of a statue from a local park of Civil War Confederate General Robert E Lee and counter-protesters.

Videos taken at the scene showed a car speeding down a street and into a crowd of people. Eye-witnesses claimed the car had been deliberately driven into crowd but there was no official confirmation of that and the exact nature of the incident was unclear. The driver was detained by police.

Footage taken by Fox News showed damage to two cars and multiple protesters lying on the ground who appeared to need medical attention.

The video also shows what appears to be blood on the hood and windshield of one of the vehicles.

Mayor Mike Signer confirmed via Twitter that at least one of those pedestrians has died as a result of the incident.

Earlier reports had said that six people had been injured.

There is also clear damage to at least two vehicles.

An eyewitness told Buzzfeed News that a car backed up to gain more speed before plowing through the crowd.

The eyewitness also said the vehicle had no licence plate and dark tinted windows. Charlottesville police have said that at least three vehicles were involved in the incident.

Another video posted shows a grey Dodge Challenger speeding into the crowd from a side street. Via Independent

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