WhatsApp claims it is one of the safest messaging services available because it offers end-to-end encryption.

This means if any message is hacked, there would be no way to read it.

And now the messaging app is officially adding support for two-step verification, which prevents someone else from activating your phone number without a six-digit passcode.

The feature, which has been in beta since August, is rolling out now to its iOS, Android and Windows users.

To turn on two-step verification, users need to log in to WhatsApp, navigate to Settings, then Account and enable Two-step verification.

If activated, users will need to enter a six-digit security code in addition to their phone number and text message or voice call verification.

They will also be asked to enter their security code once every seven days. Should users forget their security code, they can register an email address with WhatsApp and use it to turn off two-step verification.

Just for the record, two-step verification can be turned off within the app without a passcode so your account could still be compromised if your phone falls into the wrong hands. But the update should help lock things down in case someone tries to hijack it from afar.