Sunday, January 21, 2018

Harvard Study Proves Apple Slows Down Old iPhones To Sell Millions Of New Models

If you were Apple, what tricks would you utilize to increase the sales of your latest product?

Ethiopian Women Left With ‘Melted Face’ After Horrific Acid Attack

A woman has been left near-blind, in constant agony and with her mouth melted shut after her estranged husband allegedly attacked her with acid.

Disgusting Video Shows The Moment KFC Employees Expose The Stomach-Churning Back Of House Practices...

Revolting footage shows alleged disgusting practices at a KFC branch including selling day-old chicken covered in “mildew and mould.”

Agent Orange: 24 Chilling Photos Of The War Crime The USA Got Away With

For ten years during the Vietnam War, the United States used a toxic concoction of two herbicides, labeled ‘Agent Orange,’ to wipe out large areas of

Dramatic Timelapse Footage Shows Raging Wildfire Sweeping Through Washington State, Destroying Everything In Its...

This incredible timelapse video shows a devastating forest fire sweep though woodland destroying everything in its path. 

Man Jumps In Lake To Prove He Can Control Crocodiles, Gets Eaten (VIDEO)

This is the moment a man claiming to have supernatural control over crocodiles died after one of the reptiles appeared to drag the shaman under water in Kartanegara, Indonesia.

(VIDEO) Man Posing With Rattlesnake Escapes Death After He Is Bitten Twice

An Arizona man was posing for photographs with a rattlesnake he caught in his yard when it attacked and bit him twice.

Parsons Green ‘Bomb’: Passengers Injured After ‘Bomb Explosion” On London Tube Train

An explosion on a Tube train at Parsons Green caused panic in South West London this morning.

North Korea Launches Another Missile Over Japan, Escalating Nuclear War Crisis

North Korea has fired a ballistic missile over Japan, the Japanese government has said, as it condemned the latest "reckless act".

Peruvian Diver Left Looking Like A Balloon After Rising From The Depths Too Fast

Alejandro Ramos Martínez, a seafood diver from Pisco, Peru, recently made international headlines after a terrible accident left him looking like a human balloon.

‘Right-To-Die’ Film So Graphic It’s Banned By YouTube And Facebook

This movie is so terrifying, it’s possibly the most unwatchable horror ever.

Tattoo Fanatic Inks His PENIS And Eyeball As He Spends $80,000 Covering 90% Of...

A man has covered 90% of his body in tattoos in an effort to treat his chronic pain syndrome. He even has an inking on his penis and right eyeball.

The True Story Of Annabelle, The Haunted Doll That’s Giving Everyone Nightmares

Even by horror-movie standards, the wooden doll star of Annabelle (2014) and Annabelle: Creation (currently in theaters) is one creepy lead actress.

The ‘Gateway Drug’ Is Alcohol, Not Marijuana

Researchers at the University of Florida have found that the theory of a “gateway drug” is not associated with marijuana – results from the...

Anonymous Unmasks KKK, Reveals Identities Of Prominent Members

(AnonHq) Operation KKK, an Anonymous-led effort to shut down the Ku Klux Klan, has begun early. The hacktivist collective, who had promised to reveal the identities...


Sudanese Rebels Behind LNA Killings And Abduction

Sudanese rebels reportedly killed six Libyan National Army (LNA) soldiers and captured another yesterday, near the ..