Sunday, January 21, 2018

South Korea Police Campaign Against Hidden Camera Pornography

Peeping Toms are making daily headlines, and many South Korean women fear that there is no escape from their use of hidden cameras.

Massive ‘Void’ Found In The Great Pyramid Using Cosmic Rays

A passenger plane-sized "void" has been discovered in the middle of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, where it has lain secret and untouched for 4,500 years...

Man Videotaped The Inside Of WTC 7 Before It Fell At The Speed Of...

World Trade Center 7, the third tower that came down on 9/11 has been a topic of debate for 16 years. It is a door to some of the most...

Illuminati Leak: Full List Of Secret Society Members Names Exposed

An Ex-Illuminati Member has posted a list of members of secret society and the Committee Of 300...

JFK Files Reveal The CIA Was Informed Hitler Was Living In Colombia

The CIA was told about a man claiming to be Adolf Hitler who lived in Colombia among a community of ex-Nazis during the Fifties, declassified documents reveal...

(GRAPHIC) Videos Show Manhattan Terror Attack Suspect, Victims & Aftermath

Graphic images captured at the scene of the terrorist truck attack in Manhattan that killed eight people and injured at least a dozen more have emerged...

WATCH: Incredible Moment Russian Woman Walks Through Explosions To Fire Test Armor Suit

A Russian tactical equipment producer showed off its cutting-edge armor by having a woman walk across a simulated battlefield as blasts detonated under her feet and she was lashed by flames...

Spiritual Guru Boils Himself Alive Trying To Prove His ‘Physical Endurance’ To Followers

A 68-year-old medium died from heart failure and massive second degree burns after he sat inside a large wok for about 30 minutes with fire underneath.

John Kerry Admits: “WTC 7 On 9/11 Was Brought Down In A Controlled Fashion”

"Structural failure caused by fire" caused WTC7, a 47-story building in the WTC complex, to collapse at 5:20 p.m. on 9/11, claimed the National Institute of Standards and Technology. However, that claim has been thrown out of the window accidentally by the 68th United States Secretary of State.

Which Evil Dictator Killed The Most People?

Ten of our political leaders in the last 130 years have been the architects of the most horrific genocides, systematic murders, blockades, brutal wars, and policy reforms history has ever...

Must See Footage: Gunshots Seen Coming From Helicopter During Las Vegas Massacre

A shocking series of videos have been released over the last week that have many believing that multiple helicopters were used during the attack on the Route 91 music

New Feature Makes Facebook Stalking Even More Riskier

Facebook stalking is something we all do because we can generally get away with it without our victims knowing. That was until now.

How To Find Out Which Government Agency Is Spying On Your Smartphone

By now it is no surprise to find out that our “Big Brother,” the government, is actually spying on us. With the aids of our personal computers and electronics, such as your cell

Hillary Clinton Just Blatantly Lied About WikiLeaks

Hillary Clinton lashed out at Julian Assange on Monday, accusing WikiLeaks of being a "tool of Russian intelligence" while its founder did "the bidding of a dictator".

Never Before Seen Photographs of The 9/11 Attacks Released By The FBI

The images below seem add fire to the theory that there was in fact no plane on September 11, but rather a cruise missile, which makes you question, "why were the


Sudanese Rebels Behind LNA Killings And Abduction

Sudanese rebels reportedly killed six Libyan National Army (LNA) soldiers and captured another yesterday, near the ..