Sunday, January 21, 2018

That Viral Photo Of Trump And Putin Is Totally Fake

Have you seen this viral photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin? It shows the

Iraqi Army Celebrates Victory Over Islamic State In Mosul

Iraqi Federal Police have announced they achieved their mission to drive ISIS out from the

Mobb Deep Rapper Prodigy Tried To Expose Elite Pedophile Ring Before He Died

One-half of the legendary Hip-hop duo Mobb Deep suddenly died last month after attempting to expose Illuminati child sex rituals.

Mosul Victory Is Imminent As Terror Group ISIS Collapse

Iraqi forces say they are in the final stages in their operation to retake Mosul from ISIS.

Miss South Africa Sparks Uproar By Wearing Gloves To Meet Orphans With HIV

Miss South Africa has been forced to fend off allegations of racism after she was photographed wearing gloves to meet orphans with

First Footage Of Korean Victims Of Japan’s Sex Slavery Discovered After 73 Years

The first video footage showing seven Koreans presumed to be sex slaves for Japanese troops during World War II was unveiled Wednesday, which researchers claim

Tony Blair Could Finally Face Prosecution Over Iraq War

Tony Blair may face formal charges over war crimes if judges overturn a controversial ruling that gave the former Primer Prime Minister

Vatican Police ‘Break Up’ Gay Orgy At Top Priest’s Apartment

Vatican police have raided a cardinal's apartment where a drug-fuelled homosexual orgy was taking place.

North Korea Tests Nuclear Missile It Claims Can Reach ‘Anywhere In The World’

North Korea on Tuesday claimed it had successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, a potential milestone in its campaign to develop a nuclear-tipped weapon capable of

Netherlands Outraged After Israel Seizes Solar Panels Donated To The Palestinians

The Netherlands has lodged a complaint with the Israeli government after dozens of Dutch solar panels donated to a West Bank village were confiscated by Israeli

Donald Trump And The Pope Offer To ‘Help’ Terminally Sick Toddler Charlie Gard

Donald Trump has made an unexpected intervention in the debate over terminally ill toddler Charlie Gard.

Fake News: How Can African Media Deal With The Problem?

ALERT: Don't fall victim to fake news!" This is the message that pops up when you visit South Africa's Eyewitness News (EWN) website.

Shocking Footage: Videos Of Cars Plowing Through Protesters Trying To Block The Road

In yet another symbol of how hard it is for some people to respect other peoples' lives or viewpoints, some people are reacting especially poorly

Vatican Treasurer Cardinal George Pell Charged With Historical Sexual Assault

Cardinal George Pell, Australia's highest ranking Catholic, will face historical sex offences.

Thirteen Chinese Drug Dealers Sentenced To Death In Front of 10,000 Spectators

Two courts in southern China’s Guangdong province sentenced 13 people to death for producing and selling drugs at a public trial in a


Sudanese Rebels Behind LNA Killings And Abduction

Sudanese rebels reportedly killed six Libyan National Army (LNA) soldiers and captured another yesterday, near the ..