Sunday, January 21, 2018

Russia Exposes ‘USA-ISIS Complicity’ In Syria War

Russian military command has released photos that reveal the presence of special US command vehicles in areas controlled by the terrorist group

Facebook Censored Me And I’m Not the Only One

Facebook’s campaign against “fake news” is having unsettling effects on what it does and does not consider newsworthy...

Media Remain Silent As Christian Extremists Slaughter Muslims In Central Africa

Hundreds of civilians are seeking refuge inside a mosque in the Central African Republic (CAR)’s border town of Bangassou, Reuters reports.

Did Seal Team 6 Members Strangle Green Beret To Cover Up Fake “Bin Laden...

If he did, he took the secret to his grave. Sgt. Melgar turned up dead last June 4 in the housing he...

Thousands Of Government Docs Found On Laptop Of Sex Offender Married To Top Clinton...

The FBI found 2,800 documents on Anthony Weiner's personal laptop related to his estranged wife Huma Abedin's work as deputy chief of staff for Hillary Clinton when she served as...

Security Guard Shot By Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Has Vanished

The security guard shot by the Vegas shooter terrorist has gone missing just before he was scheduled to start his TV appearances about the incident.

Labour MP Confirms Grenfell Tower Death Toll Cover up

The number of people killed in the Grenfell Tower inferno could have been covered up due to fears of riots, a Labour MP has suggested.

Bernie And Jane Sanders Are Being Investigated By The FBI For Bank Fraud –...

While the mainstream media continues to obsess over Russian collusion and anti-Trump stories, the news that former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

South Africa’s ANC Picks Cyril Ramaphosa As New Leader

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) has elected deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa as its new leader.

Kenya’s Democracy Is Tested As Protests Spread Over Disputed Rerun Election

Police fired gunshots and tear gas in clashes with opposition supporters as voting got under way in a re-run of Kenya's presidential election...

10 Compelling Reasons Why The Vegas Shooting Has Disappeared From Headlines

With the 24/7 news cycle constantly in full swing, important stories at times get lost in the constant onslaught of non-stop information. The mainstream media..

Trump And Putin ‘Agree To Defeat Islamic State In Syria’: Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US counterpart Donald Trump have agreed to defeat ISIS in Syria, the Kremlin says.

Donald Trump Declares ‘National Emergency’ To Seize Assets Of Clinton & Obama

The White House has announced that Donald Trump has declared a "national emergency" in response to "severe human rights abuses" that grants special

Israel Gate: The Arrogance of Jewish Power In The United States

The revelation that the Trump transition team colluded with Israel to sabotage a foreign policy initiative by the Obama White House made

Saudi Arabia Warns It’s Citizens To Leave Lebanon Immediately

Saudi Arabia has told its citizens not to travel to Lebanon and those those that are in Lebanon to leave the country at once...


Sudanese Rebels Behind LNA Killings And Abduction

Sudanese rebels reportedly killed six Libyan National Army (LNA) soldiers and captured another yesterday, near the ..