Sunday, February 18, 2018

Israel Orders African Migrants To Leave Country Or Risk Jail

Israel has begun notifying African asylum seekers that they have two months to leave for an unnamed third country...

World War 3: Russian Fighter Jet ‘Shot Down’ In Syria

Syrian rebels have shot down a Russian jet over Idlib province and killed its pilot, according to a monitor...

Donald Trump Releases Controversial FBI ‘Bias’ Memo

The White House has declassified a GOP-authored memo claiming the FBI abused its powers to investigate alleged Russian election meddling.

Introducing The Corrupt Billionaire Who Has Brought About A New Cold War

One has to ask why there is a crisis in US-Russia relations since Washington and Moscow have much more in common than not, to include confronting international terrorism

It Sure Looks Like The US Is Actually Going to Bomb North Korea

During his first State of the Union address on Tuesday, Donald Trump pledged the United States would continue its “campaign of maximum pressure”

Trump Wants $716 Billion By 2019 To Pursue “Aggressive Defense” Against China

As if to highlight the American government’s real position on world peace, and Trump’s true position on Russia, just as peace talks between North and South Koreas are

Israel Bans Pro-Palestinian Jews But Welcomes Nazis

When former Labour Mayor of London Ken Livingstone was asked by a BBC interviewer if what Hitler did was legal, his response included the historical facts about a deal between ..

World War 3 : Israel Threatens Lebanon With ‘ Almighty Destructive War’

Israel raised on Tuesday its hostile rhetoric against Lebanon when a number of ministers spoke of waging a “destructive” war against it over the ...

Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Keeping Guantanamo Bay Open

President Trump has signed an executive order that is intended to reverse President Obama’s intentions to close the detention center at

The Role Of Douglas Haig And Why We Were Not Told About His Suspected...

Following the FBI’s official report on the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas – the deadliest in American history – a judge on Tuesday unsealed 300 pages of search

George Weah Vows To Remove “Black People Only” Citizenship From Liberian Law

Liberian President George Weah said Monday he would seek to remove a "racist" clause in the country's constitution that restricts...

Satanic Temple Challenges Abortion Law On Religious Grounds

Earlier in the week, the Satanic Temple argued a case before the Missouri Supreme Court on behalf of “Mary Doe,” a woman who says the state violated her right to religious ..

WW3: China Slams Indian Army Chief’s Remarks As ‘Unconstructive’

China on Monday slammed comments by the Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat as “unconstructive,” and said his remarks did not conform to the

Israel’s Mossad Behind Lebanon Car Bomb Attack

A recent report has revealed that Israel’s Mossad spy agency had orchestrated a car bomb explosion in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon that ..

“Russiaphobia Worse Than During Cold War” Russian Foreign Minister Warns

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday said the West’s "Russiaphobia" was worse than during the Cold War and warned Moscow ..


The United Stated Killed Over 100 Russians In Syria Last Week

At least 100 Russians were killed last week when U.S.-led coalition forces clashed with pro-Assad fighters in eastern Syria, Bloomberg ..