Sunday, January 21, 2018

Police Dramatically Change Timeline Of Las Vegas Terror Shooting

On Monday, police dramatically changed the official timeline of how the Las Vegas shooting began. Last week, officials claimed Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock shot Jesus Campos, a

Las Vegas Witness Who Identified Multiple Shooters, Found Dead

According to local media reports, Kymberley Suchomel, the woman who survived the Las Vegas terror shooting and identified multiple shooters, has been found dead. She was just 28

Portland Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting 65-Year-Old Had Been Deported 20 Times

A Portland man accused of brutally attacking a 65-year-old woman has a history of arrests, at least 20 deportations and was released by local authorities in defiance of a federal immigration hold.

Indian Man Marries Rat Claiming It’s A Reincarnation Of Dead Wife

A rather unusual wedding took place this morning in the third most populated city in India, as a Hindu man married a female rat which he claims is a reincarnation of his first wife.

CIA Document Confirms Reality of Humans With ‘Special Abilities’ Able To Do ‘Impossible’ Things

Superhuman abilities have been studied for thousands of years in all walks of life. Religious ‘miracles’ often with hundreds of witnesses have been said to be due to psychic abilities

JFK Assassination: Donald Trump To Allow Release Of Classified Documents

Donald Trump has indicated he will allow the release of thousands of classified files about the assassination of John F Kennedy.

Prolific Fake News Writer Paul Horner Found Dead Aged 38

Fake-news pioneer Paul Horner, whose hoaxes drew international attention on the Internet and during the 2016 presidential election, died in Phoenix on Sept. 18, officials confirmed. He was 38.

Vegas Shooting Plot Thickens: Connection Between Shooter And Intelligence Agency Found

A few internet sleuths have taken matters into their own hands after the obvious disinformation campaign by the mainstream media surrounding the Las Vegas shooting.

“We’ve All Been Lied To” – Air Force Officer Who Witnessed Bin Laden Killing...

A highly decorated Air Force officer is breaking her silence about the disturbing incident that occurred back in 2011 that marked the deadliest attack on Navy SEALS in U.S. history.

This Video Of Hundreds Of Baby Spiders Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Fancy spending the next 60 seconds screaming? Cool, check out this nightmarish scene then:

Husband Divorces Wife Days After Marriage Because Her Makeup Came Off During Swimming

A HUSBAND divorced his wife when he saw her without makeup for the first time days after they tied the knot.

ISIS Declares War On Hamas With Brutal Execution Video

A new video released by the ISIS affiliate in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula amounts to a declaration of war against the Hamas movement in the neighboring

Bombshell Documentary On Vegas Massacre Exposes Why The Media Fell Silent On It

As conspiracy theories run rampant online and in the media about the who, what, and why of the deadliest mass shooting in recent American history, a documentary..

Fake News: How Can African Media Deal With The Problem?

ALERT: Don't fall victim to fake news!" This is the message that pops up when you visit South Africa's Eyewitness News (EWN) website.

Eye Witness At Las Vegas Shooting: “There Was 100% More Than One Shooter”

Las Vegas mass shooting victim Rocky Palermo was shot in the pelvis during the horrific attack and is now speaking out about what he saw and believes happened, including the...


Sudanese Rebels Behind LNA Killings And Abduction

Sudanese rebels reportedly killed six Libyan National Army (LNA) soldiers and captured another yesterday, near the ..