Sunday, January 21, 2018

VIDEO: Hurricane Irma Batters The Caribbean

The first videos have surfaced of now Category 5 Hurricane Irma striking the Caribbean islands.

Massive ‘Void’ Found In The Great Pyramid Using Cosmic Rays

A passenger plane-sized "void" has been discovered in the middle of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, where it has lain secret and untouched for 4,500 years...

Nine Countries On High Alert As Africa Prepares For Deadly Plague

Health chiefs are desperately trying to contain a deadly outbreak of airborne plague in Africa that has prompted warnings in nine countries...

San Francisco Rocked By Earthquake, Shaking Berkeley Awake

A preliminary magnitude 4.5 earthquake shook San Francisco Bay Area residents out of their sleep early This morning.

Shocking Sea Of Plastic And Styrofoam Captured In Pictures From The Caribbean

A photographer has captured the devastating damage being done to our oceans with photos showing seas in the Caribbean covered in plastic and styrofoam.

Sleeping With Your Cell Phone Can Cause Cancer And Infertility Health Officials Warn

The California Department of Health issued guidelines highlighting the health risks associated with cell phone radiation exposure, and encouraging the ..

Japanese Company Gives Non Smokers Six Days Extra Paid Leave To Make Up For...

A company is providing non-smoking employees an extra six days of vacation time per year to compensate for the time smoking staff members take on cigarette breaks...

Hurricane Maria Is Coming And It’s Much Bigger Than First Feared

Caribbean islands that were badly hit by Hurricane Irma are in the path of a new hurricane strengthening in the west Atlantic.

Dramatic Timelapse Footage Shows Raging Wildfire Sweeping Through Washington State, Destroying Everything In Its...

This incredible timelapse video shows a devastating forest fire sweep though woodland destroying everything in its path. 

‘The Ocean Is Missing!’ Rare Phenomenon Caused By Irma Sucks Away Bahamas Shoreline

Extraordinary footage from the Bahamas shows the shoreline receded much farther than normal, exposing what is usually the ocean floor.

An Unexplained Light Flash Over Phoenix Was Captured On Security Cameras

A bright flash ripped across Phoenix, Arizona’s night sky last night, terrifying residents...

Man, Who Teased A Bear By Dangling Food In Its Jaws, Viciously Mauled By...

A man was reportedly brutally mauled after teasing a bear by dangling a bowl of rice into its enclosure. Naiphum Promratee hung the food near the ..

Forget Trump, This Huge Volcano Could Literally Wipe Out Life On Earth

Yes, Donald Trump is president. And yes, he has access to the nuclear codes—a fact that has become all too vivid in recent weeks. But many allowed themselves to forget,

Is This The Most Depressing City In The World?

Have you heard of Norilsk, Russia? Probably not, because it’s not exactly a...

These Shocking Before And After Pictures Show The Extent Of Texas Flood Devastation

Harrowing images have emerged out of Texas showing just how high the floodwaters have gotten since Hurricane Harvey made landfall.


Sudanese Rebels Behind LNA Killings And Abduction

Sudanese rebels reportedly killed six Libyan National Army (LNA) soldiers and captured another yesterday, near the ..