Friday, December 15, 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo In Racism Storm Over ‘Black And White Chocolate’ Instagram Post

Cristiano Ronaldo has faced criticism after he posted a picture to his Instagram account of himself with fellow Portuguese footballer Jose Semedo.

10+ Insanely Detailed Animal Drawings That Will Make You Fall In Love With Nature

While traveling through India, visual artist Faye Halliday had the pleasure of attending the Elephant Festival in Jaipur.

Guy Accidentally ‘Blew His Penis Apart’ After Sitting On Weapon

A man reportedly "blew his penis apart" when he accidentally sat on a handgun while getting into his car.

Ouch! Girl Inserts Doll’s Eye Into Own Socket, Instantly Regrets It

Luckily for me, I don't need glasses... yet. But if that day does come, I know I won't opt for contacts because it just looks incredibly painful.

Porn Star Who Claims She Is Also A Practising Muslim Receives Online Backlash

A porn star who claims she is a practicing Muslim and only uses the traditional Arab and South Asian clothing to gain views in her ‘adult scenes’ has received a

How To Test Your Fake News Judgment: Play This Game

Fake news has been on Maggie Farley's mind further back than 2016 when President Trump brought the term into the vernacular.

Was Captain Jack Sparrow A Real Muslim?

In the late sixteenth century, a young man gathering scraps of destruction from the docks thought about whether he would ever leave Faversham, in the ward of Kent

Husband Divorces Wife Days After Marriage Because Her Makeup Came Off During Swimming

A HUSBAND divorced his wife when he saw her without makeup for the first time days after they tied the knot.

Asteroid Could Hit Earth In 2029 And Is Now Being Monitored ‘Very Carefully’

Asteroids are one of the most serious threats to life as we know it, but scientists and skywatchers have gotten pretty good at predicting exactly when and where

UK Doctors Destroy Breast Cancer Tumor In Just 11 Days All WITHOUT Chemotherapy

A team of doctors from Manchester University, Edinburgh University, and The Institute of Cancer Research in London have developed a new two-pronged treatment for a particularly

Many Americans Believe Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows

If you enjoy chocolate milk, but aren't sure how it's made or where it comes from, you're hardly alone.


Unidentified Space Object Not Alien Ship, Say Scientists After First Scans

A mysterious cigar-shaped object in space is not an alien craft, according to initial scans carried out by scientists.