Friday, December 15, 2017

Hole In Lake Sparks Curiosity, So Man Flies Drone Inside & Captures Breathtaking Footage!

YouTube user Evan K was able to catch drone footage of the hole in action so that everyone could witness a sight that hasn’t taken place in a

Libya’s Slave Auctions And African Genocide: What Hillary Knew

A new CNN investigation has uncovered a network of slave markets operating in warehouses in various cities across Libya six years after...

iPhone X Mandatory Facial Recognition: What You’re Not Being Told about Face ID

To unlock the new iPhone X, users will have no choice but to use their own face. There is no home button or touch swiping this phone to unlock it. The only option...

‘Right-To-Die’ Film So Graphic It’s Banned By YouTube And Facebook

This movie is so terrifying, it’s possibly the most unwatchable horror ever.

It’s Official: FBI And Police Had Role In Martin Luther King’s Assassination

The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King occurred 49 years ago. Surrounded in who-dun-it mystery, very few know about the verdict handed down, exonerating James Earl Ray in

‘Paradise Papers’ Reveal Tax Avoidance, Shady Dealings of World’s Rich and Powerful

Some of the world's wealthiest and most powerful people will be waking up on Monday to discover that some of their best kept secrets—how they hide their vast wealth and avoid...

Charlottesville White Nationalist Rally Leaves One Dead After Car Plows Into Anti Fascist Crowd

At least one person has died and several others have been injured after a car hit a crowd of anti-fascist protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, as far-right groups ...

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Eat At McDonald’s

We have an industrialised food system which, with its relentless pressure to shave fractions of a penny off the price of its products, practically guarantees fraud, substitution and, even

Leaked Video Appears Of North Korea’s Horrific Torture Methods Used On Prisoners

Shocking footage has emerged purporting to show torture methods used by North Korean security agents while interrogating suspects.

Mother And Baby Elephant Set On Fire By Angry Mob In India

A shocking picture showing two elephants running for their lives after being set on fire has...

This Video Will Show How McDonald’s French Fries Are Made, And Why You Should...

McDonald’s have finally revealed exactly what goes into their famous french fries - and it's not pleasant...

Credit Suisse: Wealthiest 1% Have More Money Than Poorest Half Of World’s Population

Richest 1% now own half the world's wealth Richest 1% now own half the world's wealth 19 Hours Ago | 00:41 The wealthiest 1 percent of the world's population now owns more than half of the world's wealth, according to...

Shocking Sea Of Plastic And Styrofoam Captured In Pictures From The Caribbean

A photographer has captured the devastating damage being done to our oceans with photos showing seas in the Caribbean covered in plastic and styrofoam.

Meet John Magiro, A Kenyan Entrepreneur Who Built His Own Hydropower Station From Scratch

What do you do when your village is not connected to the main electricity grid, but you have a waterfall nearby? John Magiro is an unsung hero from a small village in Murang’a

Agent Orange: 24 Chilling Photos Of The War Crime The USA Got Away With

For ten years during the Vietnam War, the United States used a toxic concoction of two herbicides, labeled ‘Agent Orange,’ to wipe out large areas of


Unidentified Space Object Not Alien Ship, Say Scientists After First Scans

A mysterious cigar-shaped object in space is not an alien craft, according to initial scans carried out by scientists.