Moms are some of the most special beings in the world.

We’ve all heard stories about moms getting super human strength to save one of their children from a dangerous situation.

Apparently, there’s some sort of sixth sense that kicks in when a mother feels like someone or something is posing a threat to her child, and this maternal instinct is something that is present in all sorts of animals.

One hippo mother just proved this after a recent run in with a crocodile sent her into full blown mommy mode.

Apparently, a hungry crocodile was lurking near the baby hippo, when it’s mother decided to jump into action to make sure her offspring was safe. In just a matter of moments, this hippo showed that she and her child were nothing to be played with.

Fortunately, an amateur photographer witnessed the incident and was able to catch it on camera.

According to the photographer: “My first reaction was one of shock at the speed of the hippo and her level of aggression against the crocodile… The hippo must have felt that her calf was under threat from the crocodile and her protective instincts kicked in.

The hippo held its grip for a couple of seconds before the crocodile was able to escape into the safety of the dam.”

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know hippos could be so…aggressive. Well, I hope after seeing this, everybody knows that if they see a baby hippo they should probably keep a safe distance unless they want to end up like this poor crocodile. Via NerdHeist

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