VIA – While traveling through India, visual artist Faye Halliday had the pleasure of attending the Elephant Festival in Jaipur. After witnessing the majestic beasts painted with intricate patterns, she was struck with the idea to create a project which focuses on the ornate detail and beauty of wild animals.

The animals Halliday has come across in her travels around the world are the focus of her paintings, in which animals are depicted as hypnotizing, dream-like works of art. All comprise the series she named Haathi, which means elephant in Hindi.

As Bored Panda reports, Halliday has visited a number of tropical destinations. According to her most recent Instagram update, she is currently in the Seychelles — a place her 328,000 followers undoubtedly wish they were, too.

Following are 10+ of her insanely detailed works that will make you fall in love with nature upon glimpsing them:















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