Sunday, January 21, 2018


Vengeful Dad Chops Off Hands Of 17 Yr Old Who Raped His Baby After...

A father in India reportedly took justice into his own hands after a teenager allegedly raped his baby daughter.

Pope Francis: We’re At ‘The Very Limit’ Of Nuclear War

Pope Francis admitted on Monday he was frightened by the prospect of an accidental nuclear apocalypse, as he began a ..

WW3: 5 Reasons Why Sudan And Egypt Might Be About To Go To War

Tension between Egypt and Sudan has increased this week amid military build-ups on their borders and fears that the crisis in the Gulf has now spread to eastern Africa...

Donald Trump: ‘I Am Not A Racist’

The President insists he is "not a racist" despite reports of his derogatory comments about immigrants from Haiti and Africa.

WW3: Hidden Iranian-Israeli War Is Happening In Syria

Israeli raids and air strikes have recently increased deep into the Syrian territories.

Chilling Last Moments Of Zainab Before Her Rape And Murder

Detectives in Pakistan are searching for a man who raped and murdered an eight-year-old girl and then dumped her body in rubbish dump.

WikiLeaks-Inspired “SecureDrop” Developer Commits “Suicide” Just Like His Predecessor

A second member of a three-man team who created a secure system for whistleblowers to submit information to

This Is The Moment Man Bursts Into Flames After Being Tasered By French Police

Footage of a young man who burst into flames following being tasered by French police officers in Paris, France, has gone viral causing outrage in social media. 

Church Announces It Will Stop Referring To God As ‘He’ Or ‘Lord’ And Now...

The Church of Sweden has said it will now begin using more gender-neutral language when referring to 'god' or 'lord

CIA Agent : ISIS Wouldn’t Be Around If Saddam Hussein Was Still Alive

It was 11 years ago that Saddam Hussein was executed after the Iraqi Special Tribunal had convicted him of crimes against

Saudi Arabia: 5 Killed In Mecca

Saudi authorities announced the death of five people after a ..

Steve Bannon Quits From Breitbart News

Former Donald Trump strategist Steve Bannon has quit from his role as executive chairman at the right-wing Breitbart News organisation

Freak Snowstorm Blankets The Saharan Desert (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Over a foot of snow has fallen in the Sahara Desert, the hottest desert in the world, after a freak winter storm

Donald Trump Is Considering Limited Airstrikes On North Korea

While analysts have repeatedly confirmed that it is impossible, the Pentagon has long debated a “bloody nose” attack, that would be enough to show North ..

China’s Richest Woman Made $2 Billion In Just Four Days

t's not just the US stock market were euphoria is raging in 2018: Chinese shares continued their strong start to the year, with the..

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